Comfort and ergonomy

Driving comfort and ease of use are at the heart of the development of  ETESIA mowers.

All the controls are within reach

Emptying the grassbox or setting the lawn mowing height require no effort, and you don't have to leave your seat.

Visibility + Agility

A comfortable driving position
Adjust the seat for optimum comfort (armrests, suspension, front/rear adjustment and backrest tilt) .

Set the height and tilt of the steering wheel (with H124D).

A smooth drive

The hydrostatic transmission makes driving much easier. Smoother operation with gradual movement speed.

All our ride-on mowers have double Forward/Reverse pedals.

Cruise control facility with Biocut SKM and Attila SKF for reduced operator fatigue.

Maximum compactness and visibility

Compactness = easy transport 
ETESIA ride-on mowers are extremely compact, with no turbine or bend. They can make their way everywhere and cover every millimetre around edges.

Thanks to their very small turning radius and obstacle-free visibility, ETESIA lawn mowers are agile and do a better job.