Mower concepts

ETESIA concepts

Innovation is the key to ETESIA's success... This is because for 20 years, our R&D staff have been developed a series of innovative concepts that have revolutionised green space maintenance and taken our company from success to success. 

A major innovation - the ETESIA collection system

One exclusive, and revolutionary concept : mowing and collection in all conditions.

The ETESIA concept eliminates all risks of clogging, offering the first ride-on mower with direct rear ejection and integrated collection. Today, ETESIA is the only manufacturer of ride-on mowers to  develop the cutting system first and then the tractor afterwards.

Unique cutting quality. Indexed at 90°, the two counter-rotating blades overlap to prevent any central mark. The two blades generate a powerful blowing effect and push the grass through a  volute-shaped housing with an increasing cross section into the grassbox.

The collection system mounted directly at the outlet of the cutter housing guarantees perfect collection with no risk of clogging - there are no obstacles between the cutter housing and the grassbox. The result  is that our machines can mow and collect the grass in conditions - long, wet grass - where most competitors are  just not up to the task.

biocut dessin mulching

BIOCUT, mulching by ETESIA

ETESIA is known for its unparalleled performance in grass collection, and  in recent years has also made a name for itself as an innovator in  mulching. In 2001 our research centre developed the BIOCUT concept, which is characterised by a deck with a very pronounced bell shape which, when combined with a new blade profile, provides cutting results with long and even wet grass that are not matched on the market.

At the time, our engineers observed that only decks that are dedicated 100% to either collection or mulching could deliver clean mowing results. That is why, following the technical success of Biocut 53 (53 cm), in 2004 ETESIA applied the concept to a 100% mulching cutting deck offered as an accessory on its Biocut SKM ride-on mowers (85 cm) and Hydro 124D (144 cm).

schema ramasser mulcher


DUOCUT, mulching and collection

Because they never gave up on the quest todevelop a cutter housing that could be as good at mulching as at collection, in 2006 our engineers created the DUOCUT concept for the new PRO53. This was a housing designed to give a 100% quality finish regardless of whether you are collecting or mulching, with no compromises on either of the two functions.

Quite the contrary, the new housing design even enhances collection performance. The kit, supplied as standard with Pro 53, is simply a plug for the ejection channel that perfectly follows the bell shape required for mulching and does not require the addition of another blade. The accessory can be fitted without  tools in just a few seconds. Following the success of this new concept, it was adapted for the cutting deck of the  Hydro 100 Evolution in 2009. As with the Pro 53, it allows very high quality mowing, whether using the collection or the mulching function.