24 Hours of Ride-on mowers : a success for Etesia's first participation

4 June 2015

 23-24th May in Les Petites Armoises (France)

A success for Etesia's first participation

During the Pentecost weekend, ETESIA took part in the 2015, 24 Hours Ride-on mowers challenge . Below is some of the feedback from a race that is unique in Europe, in which our Bahia M2E represented the Etesia company with flying colours.


M2E course

At the start of the Ardennes' 24 Hours, 48 machines were on the line and the aim was to complete the maximum number of laps in the time allowed. In the middle of all these teams, with their customized racing mowers built for the occasion, there was the Bahia M2E which was driven by our partner Team Monster Tract'Eure . The racers were ready to face a 1.3 km track, and they knew that it would not be a piece of cake because the organizers created a circuit composed of numerous ups and downs, without taking in account the number of twists and curves.

As the only electrical vehicle on the start line of this endurance race, the M2E proudly represented ETESIA by finishing in the 26th position. Our Bahia proved its endurance during those 24 Hours, because the vehicle was limited to 8 mph, whereas most of its opponent could go at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 mph for the most powerful of them). In a certain way, it's a kind of a remake of the story about the hare and the tortoise.

depart 24h M2E course2


Despite some collisions along the way resulting in minor damage to body work and the collection box, our Bahia travelled 298 km (that is to say 229 laps) without any serious damage, and that's better than almost the half of its opponents.

The 2015 race was won by the Swiss Team "Almaouisses", which travelled for 808 km !

24h concurrentsM2E nuit

ETESIA wants to thank and congratulate the Team Monster Tract'Eure , especially Jérémy, Thomas, Xavier, Alain, Jérôme and David, who shared the role of pilot to drive our Bahia M2E during the 24 Hours.

See you next year !