Sustainable development and ETESIA

25 November 2015

The Buffalo 124 range of Petrol ride-on mowers , are perfectly adapted to medium and large area mowing, but due to ecological advantages and reduced purchase and maintenance costs are way more advantageous than diesel ride-on mowers more generally used by professionals.

In fact, our research has shown that many operators rarely do enough mowing hours in a year to really make diesel ride-on mowers profitable. That is the reason why our range of professional ride-on mowers (Buffalo 124) are now equipped with a Petrol engine perfectly adapted to their function.

Concerning the ecological aspect, there are two different kinds of advantages:

          - Petrol engines do not produce any particle matter, contrary to diesel engines which have a bad reputation in this sector. This phenomenon has received wide international press coverage over the last few weeks.

          - Importantly, the engine used in our Buffalo ride-on mower family is equipped with a catalytic convertor which is giving excellent results in terms of reducing pollutant emissions:

o   -15% of carbon monoxide (CO)

o   -15% of hydrocarbon (HC)

o   -90% of nitrogen oxide (NOx)

o   -22% HC + NOx

DSC 8568 BD
A124P catalyseur br