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The HYDRO 124D from ETESIA is the first mower that combines direct rear-ejection, intregrated collection and high-lift emptying (patented). All features that make it one of the most highly efficient machines on the market, designed to mow up to 19,000 square metres per hour. H124B is a BIO version, using B30 petrol (30% ester of biomass and 70% diesel) and biodegradable oils and greases.

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Hydro 124D Performance qualite de coupe

Hydro 124D Performance ramassage

Hydro 124D Performance pente

Hydro 124D Performance canal ejection

Hydro 124D Performance vidange

Hydro 124D Performance compacite

Hydro 124D Performance rendement

Better mowing :

1,24 m cutting width. The two counter-rotating blades are mounted at right-angles.

Better collecting :

  • Cutting deck with rear ejection to give a quality finish with excellent collection even in long and wet grass.
  • Grass box filled to capacity every time : 600 L / 100 kg
  • Emptying can be carried out at any height from floor level up to a maximum of 1.8 metres without leaving the driver seat.

Faster work :

  • To work faster at speeds up to 16km/h depending on conditions.

Compacte et polyvalent

  • The weight is distributed with 30% on the front axle and 70% on the rear.
  • Differential lock through flow divider.

Pictures HYDRO 124B

hydro124d 05 bd banco H124 DE banco h124d Hydro124D 10 BD Hydro124D 02 BD DSC 9970 BD DSC 9984 BD DSC 9940 BD DSC 9955 BD DSC 9995 BD DSC 9975 BD DSC 9966 BD DSC 0034 BD DSC 0185 BD DSC 0047 BD DSC 9952 BD DSC 9980 BD DSC 9958 BD DSC 0039 BD DSC 9999 BD DSC 0019 BD DSC 9973 BD DSC 9928 BD DSC 9945 BD DSC 0017 BD DSC 0184 BD DSC 0031 BD DSC 9920 BD DSC 0033 BD Hydro 124D Confort entretien carter Hydro 124D Confort entretien Hydro 124D Confort ergonomie 01 Hydro 124D Confort ergonomie 02 Hydro 124D Confort hauteur de coupe Hydro 124D Confort volant Hydro 124D Performance canal ejection Hydro 124D Performance compacite Hydro 124D Performance pente Hydro 124D Performance ramassage Hydro 124D Polyvalence Cabine Hydro 124D Polyvalence concept mulching Hydro 124D Polyvalence coupe frontale Hydro 124D Polyvalence deneigement Hydro 124D Polyvalence fauchage Hydro 124D Polyvalence plateau mulching Hydro 124D Polyvalence prise electrique Hydro 124D Polyvalence pulverisation Hydro 124D Polyvalence scarification Hydro 124D Polyvalence souffleur Hydro 124D Polyvalence voirie Hydro 124D Robustesse carte electrique Hydro 124D Robustesse chassis Hydro 124D Robustesse embrayage Hydro 124D Robustesse moteur Hydro 124D Robustesse transmission
hydro124d 05 bd

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