Built for any grass condition

Powerful, compact, easy to use, safe, ETESIA’s pro51 is ideal for a wide range of grass conditions.
Built for any grass condition
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Grass cutting

Theoretical mowing rate: up to 2090 sqm/hour. Can be used on slopes up to 20°. The special shape of the mowing deck produces a powerful suction and blowing effect to ensure a quality cut with maximum collection.

Grass collection

The reinforced polypropylene grass box (option TU51E) fits smoothly onto the mowing deck forming a compact, perfectly balanced machine. Air is immediately evacuated via the mesh guaranteeing optimum filling performance.
The 72 litre grass box is quickly emptied by tipping and easily cleaned with a hose. Equipped with a full indicator.

Rear-wheel drive

The self-propelled models offer rear-wheel drive through belt and reduction box ensuring perfect drive, especially on slopes. Semi-agrarian profiled rear driving wheels.


Pro51 rotaries folds, without the use of tools, for transport or storage.




Pictures pro 51K

pro51H Pro51B moteur Pro51X moteur famille pro51 confort confort guidon ergonomique famille pro51 confort hauteur de coupe centralisee famille pro51 confort maniable famille pro51 confort rangement facile famille pro51 performance pente famille pro51 performance qualite de coupe famille pro51 performance rendement eleve famille pro51 performance tonte herbe haute famille pro51 robustesse carter en fonte aluminium famille pro51 robustesse moteur pro51X famille pro51 robustesse pare choc amovible pro51K