VTE Electrical multifunctional vehicle

Environmentally friendly, silent, compact and light weight, economic, polyvalent ...

The VTE from the Bahia electrical range is a real multifunctional vehicle, it is compact, silent, economic and environmentaly friendly. It offers you a professional and innovating solution for your maintenance and transportation tasks all year round. With a towing bar, the VTE is turned into a silent and clean towing vehicle that goes everywhere, ideal for public places and enclosed spaces.

Road homologation available.

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Our electric towing vehicle has AGM batteries that requires no maintenance. It is guaranteed up to 500 cycles, is fully independant and can be recharged from the mains in only six hours. Recharging with solar panel is also possible. The movement transmission requires no maintenance.


The VTE does not emit any polluant: Zero emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Zero discharge of hydrocarbons (NC), smoke and particles (PM).


The hourly cost of use of an electric towing vehicle ranges between € 0.09 and 0.10 excl. VAT depending on its use.


High-performance traction

The traction capacity of the VTE is 3 tons on flat terrain and one tonne slope up to 10%.

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