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the 3 strong points of the hydro 80 gas - For a better future

  • more economical

  • more productive

  • more ecological

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A mowing range that is almost three times greater

The hydro 80 LPG allows 10 to 12 hours of mowing, compared to 4 to 6 hours with petrol; the range is thus almost trebled depending on the working conditions. What is more, the time taken to replace the gas tank is equivalent to that of refilling petrol, i.e. less than 3 minutes.

Mower deck:

The Hydro 80's success lies in its specially contoured deck which lifts and blows the clippings directly into the rear collector, without clogging. On uneven ground, anti-scalp rollers keep the blades out of trouble. It has an 80cm cutting width with an electromagnetic clutch and blade brake as an integral part of the system.

Built-in grassbox :


The integrated 240-litre grassbox is emptied without leaving the driving position. For-ease-of-use the system is hydraulically assisted.
Sound alarm : a buzzer sounds when the large capacity grassbox is full.

Cutting in long grass :

For meadows, long grass or other cut and drop applications, simply remove the base of the grassbox. A side deflector (MD 80) allows the hydro 80 to windrow cut grass. This option is often used in long grass.

Efficient and go-anywhere

Compact design :

Measuring 1.98m x 0.82m wide, hydro 80 is easily transported in a truck or trailer. It can pass through most gateways and its tight turning circle makes it ideal for small or awkward areas. It mows close to walls and fences and is highly manoeuvrable.
It goes anywhere, with its large-sized front wheels, the hydro 80 easily overcomes all obstacles such as pavement kerbs.

An hourly fuel consumption cost that is 2.5 times less than that with petrol

The very great working autonomy of the machine and the significantly lower cost of gas compared to petrol will allow you to divide your fuel costs by 2.5.

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 IGP0848  IGP0802  IGP0800 H80 GAZ PROFIL Polyvalence Fauchage Robustesse Chassis SCHEMA MOTEUR GAZ INDICATIONS H80 ETOILE 10 H80 GARE 08 H80 TRAM 13 H80 TRAM 19 H80 TRAM 32