They mow every day, without you.

ETm105 offers the top performance in our range, 105 cm cutting width. Its capacity enables it to deal with very large areas, such as golf practice ranges, stadiums, racecourses, etc. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum, beating all energy-saving records!
+ Up to 20 000 SQ.M.

Plus points

• A perfect finish, all the time
• No more mowing duty for you
• Economical and environment-friendlyv • Totally safe
• Totally automated
• No fuss – they look after themselves
• Easy to use
• Designed, manufactured and installed by professionals
• Long life
The + products.
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Electric range Robot ETM105 Etesia
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Why choose an ETESIA robot mower ?

A perfect result – all the time

The area to be covered by ETESIA’s robot ETmower is marked out by a lowvoltage peripheral cable buried in the ground. Once this has been installed, your robot ETESIA ETmower gets to work automatically, according to your programming (Timing, frequency, etc), and cuts the grass without any fuss. Statistically, each square metre will be mown at least three times each week. More frequent mowing means an impeccable finish, leaving your lawn looking neat and clean all the time.

No more mowing for you

Robot mowers mow lawns perfectly without any human intervention. You can get on with doing what you want to do, and leave your ETESIA robot
ETmower to do its job.

Economical, environment-friendly mowing

Robot mowers reduce the cost of lawn maintenance considerably, not only in terms of labour and maintenance costs, but also by cutting your energy bill, because they are electrically powered.

Mulch mowing is 100% natural: it does away with the need to gather up, store and dispose of the cuttings, it fertilises the soil, and it helps the lawn to stand up to drought conditions. CO2 emissions are much lower than for conventional powered mowers.

Totally automated

Mowing is programmed in random mode (the route followed is never the same). ETESIA’s robot ETmower moves at a fast cruising speed (up to 3.6 km per hour), which means they can mow large areas quickly. Their nonslip
wheels and powerful motors enable them to deal with difficult terrain and slopes of up to 30%.
ETESIA’s robot ETmower is fitted with floating decks, and cutting units each fitted with three stainless steel cutting blades, which retract automatically if they come into contact with an uneven surface (mounds, molehills, etc.). This cutting system prevents damage to lawns and ensures a constant cutting height, which can be adjusted from 22 mm.

They look after themselves

The built-in sonar’s and sensors detect obstacles and manage appropriate reactions: slowing down, stopping, or changing direction. A contact switch stops the blades rotating immediately if the mower is lifted off the ground. The cutting blades are fitted with protective deflectors.
This eliminates all risk of accidental injury, particularly when children or animals are around. The personal security code and geo-localisation dissuade potential thieves (ETm65 and ETm105 models).

Pictures ETm105

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ETm 105

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