Ride on tractor lawn mower


Since 1989, Etesia has been specialized in conceiving, producing and commercializing tractor mowers.

Etesia makes part of the OUTILS WOLF group, renowned for its know-how of more than fifty years in the gardening world. Indeed, for 4 generations now Outils WOLF has been revolutionizing the world of gardening with its innovations and commercial successes.

Since then, Etesia’s reputation for excellence in lawn mowing performances has confirmed for all its products’ ranges (including ride on lawn mower) then extended to notions of robustness, reliability, ergonomics and innovation. Thereby, all these qualities quickly became synonymous with Etesia.

Benefits of ride on tractor mowers

Our experience enables us to offer high-quality products, such as ride on tractor mowers.
Indeed, our tractor lawn mowers benefit from the Etesia innovations: extremely compact, without turbine or bend, the Etesia mowers go through everywhere and enable you to cut out to the millimeter.

Benefits of the Etesia riding lawn mower :
-    Ergonomic work positions
-    High level comfort
-    Unquestionable mowing efficiency
-    A matchless mowing quality

Whether you’re a private person or a professional such as a local authority or a landscaper, there is an Etesia’s ride on mower that fits to your need:  25 models for different use, cutting width and mowing square footage.

Etesia is also well-known for its range of brushcutters .

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