Biocut 53 ME53C


Effective mulching even in high grass.

Lawnmowers Efficient even in long grass

Lawnmowers Efficient even in long grass

The powerful, high-performance mower Biocut53 ensures a quick, clean, environmentally-friendly cut. The mulching cover can be removed to convert the Biocut53 into a direct rear ejection mower, which is highly efficient in tall and wet grass.

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Biocut concept - mulching by Etesia
ETESIA's cutting deck design with new profiled BIOcut® blade allows a quick, clean, environmentally friendly cut, even under difficult conditions like tall or wet grass.


BIOCUT concept - Mulching

The new profiled BIOcut® blade lifts the grass before it is cut. The clippings are retained in the cutting deck and recut several times before being ejected as fine particles onto the turf where they will decompose naturally. A quick, clean, environmentally friendly cut.

BIOCUT concept - Mow tall grass

The mulching cover can be removed to convert the biocut53 into a direct rear ejection mower, which is highly efficient in tall and wet grass.

Large cutting width - 53 cm


The specially shaped handlebar is designed to protect the hands. All controls including the starter are incorporated into the handlebars for safety and operator comfort.

Fully adjustable
The Biocut53's handlebar is fully adjustable and can be folded very easily for transport and storage.

Cutting height
The centralised system provides any cutting heights between 25 mm to 88 mm at the turn of a handle.


Cutting deckEngine

Cutting deck

The biocut53's aluminium cutting deck does not rust or distort.


The powerful Kohler engine delivers 5,2 HP for maximum efficiency. For light cutting, the machine's controls can be set on the economy position for lower fuel consumption.


Mulching without rival

Theoretical output2430 m²/h
Number of blades1
Cutting width 53 cm
Cutting deckCasted aluminium
Rotation directionClockwise
Cutting heightfrom 25 to 88 mm
Cutting systemBiocut
Measurement and weight
Weight43 Kg
Height98 cm
Width56 cm
Length149 cm
Amount of cylinders1
Capacity (cm³)173 cm³
Nominal engine power3.1 kW / 4.2 HP
Maximum engine power3,6 kW / 5,2 HP
Fuel tank capacity (L)1.4 L
Cooling systemAir-cooled
IgnitionWith automatic return
Engine typeKohler XT Series 7.75
Wheel transmission
Transmission typeMechanic
Forward speed (km/h)2.9 to 4.6 Km/h
Number of driving wheels2
Acoustic pressure85 dB(A)
Forward transmission Self-propelled