Duocut 41 N-ERGY-NACS

It provides the benefits of electric mowers without their drawbacks: operates in silence, no more power cord, 33% savings compared to petrol, battery range up to 2000 sq.m.

Lawnmowers DUOCUT 41 N-ERGY-NACS

Lawnmowers DUOCUT 41 N-ERGY-NACS

The new battery-operated Duocut 41 N-ERGY walk behind mower gives professional users a means for efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable mowing.

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Silent and environmentally responsible mowing

Driven by a brushless electric motor powered by a 36V/21Ah lithium polymer accumulator with an activation button and a charge display, with a power life of two hours.

Silent and environmentally responsible mowing

Zero emission of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Zero emissions of hydrocarbons (NC), smoke and particles (PM).

Cost effective
33% energy savings in relation to petrol!
Low maintenance cost: no belts, filters or engine oil.
Low operating cost: 41% savings in three 3 years (at the rate of four hours day of work, with an additional battery).

Speed 3 km/h.
Battery life up to 2 hours of mowing.
3-in-1 multifunctional mower : mowing with collection, mulching and grass cutting, no tool required for changes.

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Exclusive DUOCUT deck

The perfect combination of 100 % collection and 100 % mulching decks. Very high collection performance thanks to the smooth inside of the deck and the full opening of the exit of the ejection channel, which is favourable to the removal of cuttings without jams in the 50-litre box, including in extreme conditions.

Excellent results for mulching

To change the mowing system, you only need to place the removable mulching insert under the deck. And all that can be done with no tool and no need to change blades!


Silent and stable
Thanks to its low level of acoustic pressure at the drivers position (82 dB (A)) and of the very restricted vibration in the handlebars (< 2,5 m/s ² (ahw)), the N-ERGY is a pleasant lawn mower.

Silent and stable

These allow actually to reduce strongly the noise and physical damage (WRMSDs: Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders) connected to the regular and intensive use of a classic lawn mower.


Simple and intuitive controls with a soft coating; less effort to hold the controls. Folding height-adjustable handlebar with three positions; centralised adjustment of the cutting height. Box filling indicator.

Easy to use

Dismantling and reassembly of the fast and easy battery. Easy and fast cleaning of the mowingdeck and fast blade change.


Grass boxMotorCutting deckWheels

Grass box

Rigid grassbox in reinforced polypropylene.


36 VDC brushless engine with a nominal power consumption of 1 kW.

Cutting deck

Very rugged Xenoy deck: stronger than synthetic material such as polypropylene and standard ABS.


Self-cleaning profiles and ball bearings.


Etesia développe une large gamme d’accessoires pour Duocut 41 N-ERGY-NACS

Spare parts

Etesia dispose de certaines pièces détachés pour Duocut 41 N-ERGY-NACS


It provides the benefits of electric mowers without their drawbacks: it operates in silence.

Theoretical output (m²/h)1230
Number of blades1
Cutting width (cm)41
Cutting heightfrom 35 to 85 mm
Cutting systemDuocut
Emptying systems
Grassbox capacity (L)50
Grassbox emptyingManual
Measurement and weight
Engine typeElectric 36 VDC Brushless
BatteryRechargeable Li-Ion N-ERGY accumulator
Wheel transmission
Forward speed (km/h)3
Acoustic pressure82
Forward transmissionTo push