Duocut 53 LKCGM

User's speech: "The quality of cut is always excellent. The Duocut are worked really hard throughout the year and just routine servicing is all we ever need. They are a real work-horse." John Vincent, Green Grass Services

Lawnmowers New Duocut 53, a three-in-one mower

Lawnmowers New Duocut 53, a three-in-one mower

The new Duocut 53 lawnmower is the big sister of the DUOCUT family: wider cutting width, more powerful and more robust. Ideal for large garden.


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3 in 1 multifunction
Grass collecting, mulching and ejection. DUOCUT concept: The perfect combination of 100 % collection and 100 % mulching decks, and this without any concession of profit in both functions.

DUOCUT Concept - Collection
Very high collection performance thanks to the smooth inside of the deck and the full opening of the exit of the ejection channel, which is favourable to the removal of cuttings without jams.

Excellent results for collection

Very high collection performance thanks to the smooth inside of the deck and the full opening of the exit of the ejection channel, which is favourable to the removal of cuttings in the 80 Liter grassbox without jams, in all the conditions (tall and wet grass).

80 Liter Grassbox

Optimal compaction of the grass in the grassbox. Box filling indicator.

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DUOCUT concept - Mulching

The removable mulching insert completes the mowing deck form to provide a smooth inside of the deck which is favourable to the removal of cuttings for a high performance mulching.

Excellent results for mulching

High cutting quality equivalent to the collection, even in certain hard conditions like tall grass.

DUOCUT concept - Long grass mowing

Remove the collection box, you will transform your Duocut 53 into a high performant long grass mower, thanks to its integrated deflector and to the  DUOCUT mowingdeck.


Using comfort
Duocut mowers think of their users, with low (88 dB(A)) acoustic pressure at the driving seat, and also low acoustic power (96 dB(A) guaranteed) and handlebar vibrations (4 m/s² (ahw)).

Cutting height
Centralized cutting height infinitely adjustable from 25 to 85 mm. Cutting height indicator.

Height-adjustable handlebar
3 positions and folded position. Recessed handlebar shape to keep your hands safe while mowing close to an obstacle (wall, tree etc).


EngineCutting deckWheels80 Liter grassboxGuarantee


Kawasaki FJ180V engine

Cutting deck

Deck made of aluminium, a highly impact-resistant material compared to standard polypropylene and ABS.


Mounted on ball bearings.

80 Liter grassbox

Rigid box with full indicator.


3 years on lawnmower and 10 years on cutting deck in private use. 


Etesia développe une large gamme d’accessoires pour Duocut 53 LKCGM

Spare parts

Etesia dispose de certaines pièces détachés pour Duocut 53 LKCGM


Mower with a 3-year Guarantee and a deck with a 10-year Guarantee in private use.

Mowing system
Theoretical output2385 sqm/h
Number of blades1
Cutting width (cm)53 cm
Mowing deckDuocut
Rotation directionAnti-Clockwise
Blade protectionShear bolts
Blade clutchMechanic
Cutting heightFrom 25 to 85 mm
Cutting systemDuocut
Grassbox capacity (L)80 L
Grassbox emptyingManual
Grassbox structureCanvas
Measurement and weight
Weight64 Kg
Height100 cm
Width56 cm
Lenght171 cm
Number of cylinders1
Capacity (cm³)179 cm³
Nominal engine power4,4 kW
Fuel tank capacity (L)4 L
Cooling systemAir-cooled
Fuel95/98 Gas
IgnitionWith automatic return
Engine typeKawasaki FJ180V KAÏ
Wheel transmission
Transmission typeMechanic
Forward speed (km/h)From 2,7 to 4,5 Km/h
Number of driving wheels2
Turning radius25
Vertical drop25%
Acoustic pressure88 dB(A)
FrameCast aluminium
Forward transmissionMechanic