Bahia VTE

Versatility coupled with its discretion and compactness enable the VTE to have many possibilities for use: hotel business, tourist sites, roadworks, nursery, industrial, gardeners, organic farming, campsites, train stations.

Transport and Handling VTE Electrical multifunctional vehicle

Transport and Handling VTE Electrical multifunctional vehicle

Environmentally friendly, silent, compact and light weight, economic, polyvalent ...

The VTE from the Bahia electrical range is a real multifunctional vehicle, it is compact, silent, economic and environmentaly friendly. It offers you a professional and innovating solution for your maintenance and transportation tasks all year round. With a towing bar, the VTE is turned into a silent and clean towing vehicle that goes everywhere, ideal for public places and enclosed spaces.

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Transmission Our electric towing vehicle has AGM batteries that requires no maintenance. It is guaranteed up to 500 cycles, is fully independant and can be recharged from the mains in only six hours. Recharging with solar panel is also possible. The movement transmission requires no maintenance.

Environmentally friendly
The VTE does not emit any polluant: Zero emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Zero discharge of hydrocarbons (NC), smoke and particles (PM).


Go anywhere

Compact and lightweight
The vehicle is lightweight and compact. It will allow you to get into every nook and cranny, going everywhere in silence and comfort. Its ultralight weight leaves no mark on the ground, particularly on lawns.


With a towing bar, the VTE is turned into a silent and clean towing vehicle that goes everywhere, ideal for public places and enclosed spaces

Multifunction vehicle The VTE and its accessories will cover all your maintenance and gardening needs all around the year for example: MRM multifunction trailer, spreader (for salt, grit in winter, fertilizer, ...), snow plough, moss-remover, ...

Mobile power source With its converter (according to availibility), the VTE can become a mobile power source, to which you can connect a large number of wired electrical devices (puissance < à 700W). The machine will enable you to carry out a number of tasks all over the space.

The MET spreader For gardening work (spreading fertiliser) or winter work (spreading grit or sand).

The snow plough Available as an option and enables you snow clearance.


The optional cutting deck is only mounted in the Etesia factory.

Carter coupeSteel
Type montageSuspended deck
Sens de rotationTo the right
Protection de lames2 shear bolt
Hauteur coupe5 positions
Measurement and weight
Type de moteurElectric 3.5 kW - 48 V
Wheel transmission
Type de transmission6
Vitesse avant8
Vitesse arrière8
Nombre de roues motrices2
PneumatiqueFR: 13x5-6 / BE: 16x6.5-8