Donky is not just comfortable, environmentally friendly and silent, it is also a true tool carrier; with its accessories, it will help you in a large variety of jobs throughout the year: cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, transport of liquids, work platform.

Transport and Handling Donky Battery Operated carrier

Transport and Handling Donky Battery Operated carrier

With the new Battery Operated carrier Donky, ETESIA makes site work a lot easier. No more relying on the strength of your arms alone for moving heavy loads. No more noise, polluting fumes and the need to buy fuel for motorised carriers.


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Environmentally friendly
The carrier does not emit any polluant, unlike non-electric motorised carriers. Thus, it helps protect the environment.

The Donky works and moves in complete silence. It does not create any noise problems for users or the surroundings.

Cost effective
The hourly cost of use of a carrier is approximately €0.13 excl. VAT depending on its use.

Beast of bursten - MBBR

The Battery Operated carrier DONKY® will allow you to move up to 250 kg or 180 L (400L with the boards) in one trip; emptying is assisted by a central lever. With a tank integrated in the tray and a 1" valve, it can carry 85 L of water or liquid and a spray hose can be connected to it.

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DONKY allows the transport of bulky products (boards, cross member, closing fabric and reel), a working surface at a suitable height and a tray emptying function. That is achieved by a central lever, with unlocking and assistance.

Beast of burden - MBBT

The  Battery Operated carrier DONKY® tipping bucket allows you to move up to 280 kg or 250 L in one go. The emptying being assisted by a manually operated central lever. Its robust electrical motor allows you to carry heavy materials such as rubble, etc.

Beast of burden - MBPB

The wooden tray of the Battery Operated carrier DONKY® allows you to move up to 280 kg in one go. This sturdy stand allows you to carry heavy materials such as flowerpots, earth bags or other heavy equipment.


The carrier is compact and manoeuvrable. With its electric transmission, it does not require any effort from the user and thus reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders de TMS.

Two forward speed ranges and a reverse movement, controlled by the thumb via a joystick. The carrier Donky has a dynamic brake (electronic deceleration management) and a parking brake. The bypass is manually controlled.


PowerfulWorking time


Its powerful 1700 W engine, electronic advance management and 2 driving wheels with an agricultural profile give it an impressive capacity to move in difficult terrain (soft soil, slopes etc.).

Working time

Its power life varies between a day or two of work, depending on the conditions.


The Battery Operated carrier DONKY is the ideal too for building sites

Building and landscaping sites, breeding farms, transport activities, snow clearing, green space maintenance, vegetable farming, plant nurseries etc...

DONKY, Etesia's Battery Operated carrier, is the ideal tool for farms and equestrian centers.

Can be used to transport hay, water, feed, and also cleaning the boxes and stables.

DONKY, Etesia's Battery Operated carrier, is the ideal tool for the safe and comfortable transport of heavy and bulky loads:

firewood, pavers, rubble.

No more heavy loads to move painfully by the strength of your arms.

DONKY, Etesia's Battery Operated carrier, is the ideal tool for greenhouses and garden centers.

It can be used to transport flower pots, earth bags or any other heavy material.

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Etesia's Battery Operated carrier DONKY, the ideal tool for the maintenance of green spaces.
Allows the transport of mowed grass, soil, and other materials or waste.


Donky is not just comfortable, environentally friendly and silent, it is also a true tool carrier.

Measurement and weight
Puissance moteur1700
Type de moteurElectric
Wheel transmission
Type de transmission6
Vitesse avant6
Vitesse arrière3
PneumatiqueFR: 18x8.5x8 / BE: 10x6.5x6
Transmission avancéeTransaxle