The Genesis of ETESIA

A revolutionary concept

Twenty five years ago, ETESIA made its entry into the world of green spaces. It was in 1989 and the concept was a revolutionary one -  the first ride-on mower with direct ejection and integrated collection, the Hydro 100. This new concept made a strong impact on the mower market and rapidly became  standard-setter. The fact that after over 15 years of exclusivity, ETESIA's main competitors  have now adopted an equivalent system is a sign of how far ahead of the game we were.


A success story

Today, ETESIA boasts one of the best networks of green space maintenance  equipment specialists in Europe; it has become a key supplier of local authorities and landscape gardeners throughout Europe, whilst acquiring an exceptional international dimension with operations in over 30 countries spread over five continents.

The particularity of ETESIA also lies in its origins and size. ETESIA is the only  French manufacturer of ride-on mowers. We are an SME from Alsace with  a  workforce of 130,  whilst our competitors are enormous Japanese and American  multinational corporations. Despite the fierce competition, 25 years after its birth, our company continues to be a major player in its market.

The secret behind that sucess? Lasting values - a passion for people and technical innovation at the service of high-performance machines and the wellbeing of individuals and their environment.


Our business : green space professionals

ETESIA belongs to the OUTILS WOLF group, which is known for its fifty years' experience in the world of gardening. ETESIA is specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of professional equipment for green space maintenance.

Our reputation for excellence in lawn mowing performance has been supported by each of our product families and the qualities of ruggedness, reliability, user-friendliness and innovation have become synonymous with ETESIA.



A vision of the future

Those are the values on which ETESIA has built its vision for the future - innovation and a commitment to improvement are the guiding lights of our strategy. That is why, in 2008, ETESIA won the INPI Innovation Trophy in the Alsace Region and secured ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

But ETESIA is not resting on its laurels - now more than ever, it  aims to set the standards in the green space market in the areas of innovation and high performance. That is why, in the  midst of an international recession, ETESIA and its partner OUTILS WOLF have decided to build a brand new research centre - the Elmar Wolf Research Centre, named after the founder of the Wolf group.

The certifications


Quality and customer service are key concerns for ETESIA. Since 1994, ETESIA has had ISO certification : ISO 9002 in December 1994, ISO 9001 : 2000 In November 2002 and finally ISO 9001 : 2008 in November 2009. The Etesia company respects international quality management standards.

Etesia, a fast- growing company...

  • Over 44 mower models
  • A workforce of 130
  • Turnover of approximately € 35 million