The ET-LANDER brings together ETESIA's 60 years of expertise in ride-on mowers, electric transmissions and the maintenance of green spaces.

Ecological, powerful and autonomous : the ET-LANDER electric multifunction vehicle is at home everywhere, in town and in the countryside.

Always ready to listen to professionals, and local authorities in particular, we have developed a unique vehicle that can be fully configured to satisfy the future needs of our customers: a clean, comfortable, all-terrain and multifunctional utility vehicle.

Developed and manufactured in France (67), the ET-LANDER is the first 100% electric Multifunction Utility Vehicle designed for the road and all types of terrain.



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The electric vehicle emits no polluting emissions (Co2 , fine particles). It helps to protect the environment.

ETESIA manufactures the ET-LANDER in France, which greatly reduces its environmental impact and its carbon emissions from transport.

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The ET-LANDER vehicle has a capacity of one working day in a variety of applications. Lead acid batteries 72V 220 Ah – 36 cells x 2 V. Power of 15.8 kW.


With the ET-LANDER, you can be sure that you're on the move and working without any noise pollution for your neighbours or other users.


The ET-LANDER can carry a maximum load of 940 kg in its tipper (a total of 1 tonne on the vehicle), and can also tow up to 750 kg.

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Mobile energy source

A converter (72VDC 230 V AC - power 2 kW ) transforms the vehicle into a mobile energy source.


Its high ground clearance and double wishbone suspension make it easy to negotiate pavements and obstacles.

Road homologation

MAGA road homologation (only valid in France)

Difficult terrain

With its all-terrain tyres and, above all, its powerful transmission, the ET-LANDER is a true all-terrain vehicle : on slopes and difficult terrain.



The spacious cabin offers a great space, as well as comfort and technology. It is soundproofed, heated and well-ventilated. The cab offers a 360° field of vision, with no blind spots (side or front).

Instrument Panel

The centralised instrument panel with LCD screen gives easy access to all the controls and allows you to follow the various indicators (speed, range, etc.).

The vehicle is powered up using an RFID badge.

Handy and compact

With a length of 3.72 metres, the ET-LANDER is extremely compact. Thanks to its power steering, short turning circle of 4.40 metres (outside) and 360° visibility, it can go anywhere.

Integrated loading ramps

The loading ramps integrated into the rear body allow you to transport rolling stock such as the Hydro 80 ride-on mower or the Attila 98X brushcutter.

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Recharching the battery

The battery can be recharged in 8 hours by simply plugging it into a wall socket

Skip control

The three-way tipping body, with a loading area of 181 x 151 cm, can be operated from the central control panel, or by remote control.


Chassis and BodyCabin Battery

Chassis and Body

Steel chassis, mechanically welded, cataphoresis-treated. Aluminium body.


Robust cabin : aluminium section frame with expanded polypropylene covers: 100% recycling - watertight - rot-proof - insulating - shock-absorbing - anti-vibration


Lead acid batteries 72V 220 Ah - 36 cells x 2 V. Power of 15.8 kW.

The ET-LANDER vehicle has a maximum range of one working day in a variety of applications.

Its batteries are French and 100% recyclable.



The ET-LANDER can be adapted to suit your needs thanks to a host of configurable accessories. This function is available via our digital configurator for almost immediate result.

Multifunction vehicle

Well-equipped and intuitive, the ET-LANDER has been designed to perform a wide range of tasks. It comes as standard with a range of equipment for transport, access to all types of terrain and the use of power tools.

It's a true multifunction vehicle.

Transport and towing

The ET-LANDER can carry a maximum load of 940 kg in its tipper (a total of 1 tonne on the vehicle), and can also tow up to 750 kg.

Three-way tipping skip

With a loading area of 181 x 151 cm.

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Mobile energy source

The ET-LANDER can be used to charge the batteries of portable tools and 230v corded electrical appliances, e.g. hedge trimmers and blowers…

Roof bars

Its roof bars allow you to mount various accessories, such as a warning triangle or a work light.

Water tank

The ET-LANDER can have an integrated 400-litre water tank. An essential accessory for watering.

Storage boxes

ET-LANDER has 2 optional lockable side boxes for storing tools, for example.


Max. loading area181 cm x 151 cm
Max. payload940 kg
Maximum towing capacity (unbraked trailer)750 kg
Estimated autonomy (in varied use)60 km
Maximum speed40 km /h
Maximum gradient35% (unloaded)
Minimum turning radius4,40 m external
Electric motor typethree-phase asynchronous
Rated motor power10 kW
Mechanical axle with differential
Rear-wheel gearbox (ratio: 1/16)
Front : double wishbone suspension, Rear : leaf springs
FRONT : disc brake, REAR : drum brake
Mechanical service brake with hydraulic control
Electric service brake with regenerative braking returning energy to the battery
Mechanical parking brake by cable on the rear drums
Mechanical steering with electric power assistance as standard
Lead acid batteries 72V 220 Ah - 36 cells x 2 V. Power of 15.8 kW.
Estimated recharge time : 8 hours
Estimated service life = at least 80% of capacity after 400 cycles

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