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We pay great attention to the protection and use of the personal data of those who come to our website. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. That is why we process all data in accordance with the data protection laws applicable in France.

By logging on or visiting this website, you agree that you have reviewed, understood and accepted our rules relating to personal data protection and cookies (the “rules”) and our standard terms and conditions of use without any limitations or reservations. If however you wish to disable those cookies, you can do it by clicking here.

The rules are aimed at informing you of the rights and freedoms you may exercise in respect of our use of your personal data and describing the measures that we are taking to protect you.
Etesia SAS is the “controller” of the personal data managed on the website. Processing is applied in accordance with applicable laws.



1. Purpose, reason for processing of collected data and storage period

You are likely to disclose certain personal data such as your identity, address, session data etc. in order to benefit from the services offered by the website and allow us to address your requests for information and process your orders. The collected information is required for the performance of the agreement (processing the order) with Etesia SAS; the contract may not be performed in its absence. The required fields in our online forms are marked by an asterisk. If you fail to complete the required information, we shall not be able to supply the requested service or services. Your personal data will not be processed later on in a manner that is incompatible with the purpose described above or in the collection forms. Your data are stored for no more than 10 years.

The storage period of your personal data is detailed in the table below:

  • Purpose of processing
  • Processing 1: processing and monitoring of orders - storage period: 10 years
  • Processing 2: performance of marketing and communication operations - storage period: 10 years

2. Recipients of data

Your personal data may be disclosed to some departments of Etesia SAS for the purposes of order processing and tracking and complaint management, and to any partners in charge of managing the payment of orders and telephone reminders.

If you post a comment online, some of your associated personal data may be published on the website. In view of the characteristics of the Internet, namely the free capture of posted information and the difficulty or even the impossibility to control its use by third parties, please note that you can oppose such publication by contacting us at the contact address below:

ETESIA – Service Marketing, 5 rue de l’industrie, 67165 WISSEMBOURG Cedex

3. Data security and confidentiality

The data controller shall take all appropriate steps required to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal data, and particularly to prevent alteration or damage or access by unauthorised parties.

4. Management of cookies

4.1 Principle

A cookie is a file that saves information about the browsing activity of your computer on the website (e.g. number of visits, number of pages seen, duration of the visit) and particularly makes it possible to facilitate your visits to the website. You may at any time delete the cookies on your computer, oppose the recording of new cookies and receive notification before a new cookie is installed by setting up your browser with the help of the instructions below (“Types of cookie, cookies, statistics and settings”). Please note that if you delete a cookie or oppose the installation of cookies on your machine, you may not be able to benefit from some of the services of the website.

4.2. Types of cookie, cookies, statistics and settings

The cookies that could be installed on your server when you browse our website are cookies that serve the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating communication by electronic means, or those that are strictly necessary for providing the service that you require (language cookies, identification cookies etc.), namely statistical or other cookies in the conditions described below.

Where cookies require your prior consent for installation, we ask you for the same using the More information link, with the specification that continuing to browse the website amounts to acceptance.

4.2.1 Which cookies are installed?

  • Statistical cookies:


4.2.2 Deleting cookies, being informed of installation or setting your browserStatistical cookies are used to measure the number of visits, the number of pages seen and the activities of users on the websites and their return frequency. The statistical tool used, Google Analytics, generates a cookie with a unique identifier, the storage period of which is limited to 7 months. Your IP address is also collected in order to determine the town from which you log on. It is immediately anonymised after use, thus preventing your identification as a natural person. Statistical traffic data are collected by the service provider Google Analytics and are then reported to the data controller in aggregate and anonymous form in a web interface to which it alone has access. The collected data are not given to third parties or used for other purposes. You may block such cookies at any time with the help of the opt-out procedure above using the link

  • Deleting cookies already installed in your computer

- Go to your computer;
- From the drive C: select the Windows folder;
- Open the folder “Temporary Internet Files”;
- Select all the files (CTRL A);
- Select Delete.



  • Setting up your browser to reject cookies or be informed of their installation

Browsing with Internet Explorer 5 (Microsoft): Select Tools, Internet options, Security, Custom level in the drop-down menu, go to Cookies, section Allow cookies on your computer, select Ask to be informed or Disable to refuse all cookies;

Browsing with Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 (Microsoft): Select Tools, Internet options, Confidentiality, then the level you want to apply;

Browsing with Firefox: Click Tools, Options. In Privacy, uncheck Accept cookies;

Browsing with Google Chrome: Click Customise and control Google Chrome, select Settings. In Confidentiality, click Content settings and check Block third-party website data and cookies.

5. Your rights/Contact

In accordance with applicable regulations, you have a right of access, rectification, deletion and opposition of your personal data. You also have a right to prior consent to commercial prospecting and opposition as provided under applicable regulations. You can ask for information about your personal data, and you have the right to define the guidelines relating to the fate of your personal data after your death.  You may also ask for restriction and the portability of your data and/or make a complaint to the competent supervisory authority. Please send your request by completing the contact form. You may also send your request to ETESIA – Service Marketing, 5 rue de l’industrie, 67165 WISSEMBOURG Cedex.

6. Changes to this clause

Etesia SAS reserves the right to make changes to this personal data protection clause at any time. Should this clause be amended, Etesia SAS agrees to publish the new version on the website.

Etesia SAS shall also inform users of the change by electronic mail within a minimum period of 15 days before the effective date. If the user does not agree to the new wording of the personal data protection clause, they may delete their account.