Buffalo 124 HVHPX

User's speech: "It's been excellent in the wet. You could even use it to cut and collectect in two of water it's that good!" Tom Hepburn, Team Leader Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

 Buffalo 124 - The New Force

Buffalo 124 - The New Force

The new Buffalo124 is fitted with a 124-cm overlapping cutting deck and a 23-hp two-cylinder Vanguard engine. It has a higher hourly mowing output of up to 15 000 sq.m. per hour, and an unequalled weight-to-power ratio. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for use.


+ 4 wheels drive version (HVHPX)


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Up to 15 000 sq.m. grass cut and collected per hour
The efficiency of the cutting system of the new Buffalo 124 allows professionals to work faster (up to 12 km/h in optimal mowing conditions) and to improve productivity and output (can be used on wet grass, or in the rain).


Grass box
The Buffalo124 ride-on mower is fitted with a built-in grass collector
with a capacity of 600 litres, and the hydraulic emptying system is
controlled from the driver's seat.

1,24 m cutting width
The shape of the cutting deck, in Mastershock, is optimised for low turbulence. The result is a perfect cut and perfect grass collection every time.

Cutting deck
The deck with double contraprogressive curls and a rear central ejection
channel which, in conjunction with the two contrarotating blades
mounted at rightangles to each other and overlapping by 6 cm, produces
an extremely powerful vacuum and blowing effect.

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Emptying up to 1,80 m above the ground
The grass collector is easily lifted and emptied hydraulically by controlling a hydraulic distributor from the driver's seat. The collector can be emptied at any height up to 1,80 m above ground level.

100% emptying
The grassbox is mounted between the rear wheels; a special flap holds the grass inside when the box is raised. The grassbox is then opened to allow the grass to be emptied.

23-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, 2 air-cooled V cylinders, gasoline, 3 years of guarantee.

Engine The engine used in our Buffalo ride-on mower family is equipped with a catalytic convertor which is giving excellent results in terms of reducing pollutant emissions: -15% of carbon monoxide (CO), -15% of hydrocarbon (HC), -90% of nitrogen oxide (NOx), -22% HC + NOx.


Buffalo 124 advanced comfort

Ergonomic controls Grouped next to the driver's seat, within easy reach, all the controls- for emptying the grass collector, engaging the blades, setting the grass cutting height, applying the differential lock- are particularly easy to use.

Ergonomic controls
They are all positioned logically and ergonomically, and are easy to operate.

Power steering
Power steering ensures precise steering, easy turning, and less fatigue for the operator.

Automatic gearbox
The hydrostatic transmission makes driving more comfortable, allowing you to make smooth progress. Press the forward or reverse pedal to choose the working speed in complete safety.


Built to last

ChassisReliabilityTransmissionCutter heads


The load bearing chassis of the Buffalo 124 is made up of two mechanically welded tubular sub-assemblies, bolted together. Entirely rust-proofed, the design of the chassis is directly inspired by manufacturing processes used in the automobile industry and is hardwearing even in conditions of intensive use.


Outstanding reliability
Developed using the most powerful CAD tools, built and tested in Europe to rigorous manufacturing techniques, the Buffalo 124 ride-on mowers are designed to last. They only require the strict minimum in terms of maintenance and guarantee you hours of continuous use.


Hydraulic transmission
The choice of hydraulics instead of mechanical solutions provides the user with transmission systems on the Buffalo 124 that last longer and have improved reliability.

Cutter heads

Cutter heads transmission
The transmission between the two blades is via a double-faced toothed belt. A V belt provides the power transmission between an electromagnetic clutch and the cutting deck.


Snow equipment
The snow plough and snow chains enables the mower to be used for snow clearance.

Emptying onto the ground or into a raised position? Whichever you prefer!

Green space maintenance
High grass mowing thanks the deflector.

Road homologation kit available


Four drive wheels

Surface non tondue1.1
Rendement théorique15
Nombre de lames2
Largeur de coupe (GDC - non repris)124
Carter coupeMastershock
Type montagesuspension cutting deck
Sens de rotationopposed
Protection de lamesshear bolt
Hauteur coupefrom 44 to 102 mm
Emptying systems
Contenance du bac de vidange600
Vidange bachydraulic
Structure bactubular anti-uv treatment
Measurement and weight
Nombre de cylindres2
Puissance moteur23
Contenance Essence14.5
Contenance Huile1.36
Carburantsuper unleaded petrol
Démarreurelectric 12 V
Type de moteurBriggs & Stratton
Batterie12 V - 60 Ah
Wheel transmission
Type de transmission1
Vitesse avant12
Vitesse arrière12
Nombre de roues motrices4
Rayon de braquage1
Pression acoustique90
Chassiswelded tubular chassis
PneumatiqueFRONT: 16x6.5x8 / BEHIND: 23x8.5x12
Transmission avancéehydraulic
Homologation pour la route2