Duocut N-Ergy PABCTS

Three-in-one battery mulching mower



The new battery-operated DUOCUT N-ERGY walk behind mowers give professional users a means for efficient, clean and costeffective mowing. These are top-of-the-range multifunctional mowers: they are ecological, compact, rugged and efficient.

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Environmentally friendly
Zero emission of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Zero emissions of hydrocarbons (NC), smoke and particles (PM).

Cost effective
33% energy savings in relation to petrol!
Low maintenance cost: no belts, filters or engine oil.
Low operating cost: 41% savings in 3 years (at the rate of four hours day of work, with an additional battery)

Three-in-one multifunctional mower

mowing with collection, mulching and grass cutting, no tool required for changes (removable insert available as standard)

Cutting deck

A cross between 100 % collection and 100 % mulching decks offering very high collection performance and excellent mulching results


Silent and stable

Acoustic pressure 79 dB(A) and handle vibration <2 m/s² (ahw). Greatly reduces noise and physical stress (MSDs: musculoskeletal disorders)

Ergonomic and easy to use

Simple and intuitive controls with comfortable coating, less force required for holding the controls


Height adjustable handle with three positions, folding


Xenoy casingBrushless electric engine

Xenoy casing

Very rugged reinforced Xenoy casing: lightweight and stronger than synthetic materials such as standard ABS

Brushless electric engine

Brushless electric engine powered by an 82 V/5 Ah lithiumpolymer


Theoretical efficiency1610 m²/h
Number of blades1
Cutting width 46 cm
Cutting height28 to 88 mm
Cutting systemDuocut
Emptying systems
Grassbox capacity (L) 56
Grassbox emptyingManual
Measurement and weight
Weight35,5 kg
Heigth94 cm
Width51 cm
Length152 cm
Engine82 Li Series Briggs & Stratton
Battery Li-Ion rechargeable
Autonomy 1 battery - 30 minutes
Wheel transmission
Speed3,5 km/h
Acoustic pressure79 dB(A)