The range of 100% electric professional ride-on mowers is changing! The new Bahia M2EL retains all the strengths of the Bahia family (comfort, performance, robustness and versatility) and adds to it a touch of innovation, ecology and economy.

Ride-on mowers Ride-on mowers Worldwide exclusivity, for a better future

Ride-on mowers Ride-on mowers Worldwide exclusivity, for a better future

First electrical professional ride-on-mower with grass collection. 100% ELECTRIC!

Electric Bahia: the enjoyment of ecological mowing:

- Lithium Battery

- 0 pollutant emissions

- Silent mowing

- Multiplie versatility

Real multifunction vehicle, Bahia Electric and his accessories will answer all year long the set of your needs for maintenance and for arrangement. Outing of its converter, it becomes a mobile source of energy on which you can connect a long list of electric devices to thread (power < 700W).


The price indicated does not include the battery.

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Due to the inventory, no spare parts will be dispatched from 29/07/2024 to 12/08/2024 inclusive.

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First 100% electric professional ride-on-mower with grass collection

- drive and blade transmission 100% electric
- performance equivalent to the petrol version

Very low noise whilst driving. Zero emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (Nox) and carbon dioxide (CO²). Zero discharge of hydrocarbons (NC), smoke and particles (PM).

Environmental impact on the complete life cycle is greatly reduced (Comparison between electric and gasoline)
Carbon footprint reduction of 72% per hectare, destruction of the Ozone layer -95%, air pollution -100%, climate warming -77%, energy consumption -62%.

Running costs = €0,42/h against €4,29 for the gasoline, energy cost divided by 10! Reduced running costs: no belt, no filters and no engine oil.

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Compact, tenacious, flexible and multi-tasking, bahia adapts to every terrain, every grass-cutting situation and every task. Minimal guaranted lawnmoving output 2500sq.m or 2 hours of mowing + 1h30 with batteries trailer.

A go-anywhere mower
A pocket-size ride-on mower, just 0.82 m wide and 1.98 m long, Bahia features an incredibly tight turning circle. It nips into every nook and cranny and can be easily transported.

Safety first
Forward. Stop. Reverse. Accelerate. Brake. Instantaneously. In complete safety. Pedal-controlled hydrostatic transmission for easy driving.

Cut & collect

Suspension cutting deck with direct rear ejection into a 240 liters grass collector. Efficient even in wet or long grass. Buzzer sounds when grass collector is full. Grass collector opened and closed from driver's seat. Perfect collection of dead leaves.


Dashboard controls
Key contactor and switches for blade, horn and speed regulator, multifunction display with hour meter, batteries loadmeter, breakdown diagnostic with pictograms assistance are centralized on the dashboard.


Ideal working conditions

Only the lightest touch for easy driving. From the driver's adjustable, ergonomic seat, you have a perfect view of your working environment.

Ergonomic controls
Controls are easy: cutting height, forward/reverse pedals, parking brake.

Safety first
Noise level under 100 dB(A). Built-in blade brake. Several safety switches. Complies with machine directive 2006/CE.


Longer lastingSolid as a rockEfficientEngine

Longer lasting

Top-quality materials, reliable technology, a 3-year-warranty for battery, parts and labour for home use. With bahia, you are definitely going for the long-term option.

Solid as a rock

Mechanically welded load-bearing chassis, diameter 60 mm, epoxy finish with built-in strapping hooks. Suspension cutting deck with constant trim and inspection door. Step, steering column cover and dashboard cover in EPP (expanded polypropylene): with its hardwearing, anti-skid properties, EPP is recyclable and has a low environmental impact.


Engine power is over 98% centred on drive and blade transmission. Maintenance-free hydrostatic drive transmission.


Blade transmission: AC, 3,5 Kw 'brushless'.

Drive transmission: 1,7 Kw, AC "brushless".


Real multifunction vehicle

Bahia electric and its accessories will answer all year long the set of your needs for maintenance and for arrangement.

Equipped with its converter, it becomes a mobile source of energy on which you can connect a long list of electric devices to thread (power in 700W).

Electric accessories
Converter (while stocks last) for electric accessory 230V 700W.

Maintaining green spaces
Hedge trimmers, brushcutter, water pump. Autonomy in travel and use of a hedge trimmers: 8 hours.

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Tow bar

The tow-bar, which amounts in next to no time, allows you to tow up to 500 kg or to fix a spreader for your wintry maintenance works.


Specially adapted to your Bahia, it will allow you to restore of the air in your lawn by freeing it from mosses which suppress it. With this accessory you will contribute to your even more beautiful lawn. (Require a support adapter).

Remove snow

The sno shovel MV103, with a work width of 100 cm, is ideal to clear the snow from pavements, from ways or from parking lots. The shovel revolves thanks to its hydraulic systeme but can also be adjust manually. The essential accessory in winter. Optional available synthetic chains.


Mechanical spreader to put some fertilizer on your lawn or salt / sand during winter.

Tow bar as option.


Road homologation available.

Theoretical output (m²/h)3000 m²/h
Number of blades1
Cutting width (cm)80 cm
Mowing deckSteel
Mount typeSuspended cutting deck
Rotation directionTo the right
Blade protectionShear bolt
Type of blade clutchElectric
Cutting height (cm)5 positions
Emptying systems
Grassbox capacity (L)240 L
Grassbox emptyingOn the ground
Measurement and weight
Weight250 kg
Height121 cm
Width82.5 cm
Lenght199.5 cm
Engine typeElectric
Wheel transmission
Transmission typeMecanic
Forward speed (km/h)8 km/h
Backward speed (km/h)8 km/h
Number of driving wheels2
Turning radius1
Vertical drop18 %
Acoustic pressure86 dB(A)
FrameMecanic welded tubular frame
PneumaticFront: 13x5.00-6/ Pression: 1.5 bar - Back: 16x6.5x8/ Pression : 1.5 bar
Forward transmissionElectric