Hydro 124 DN

User's speech: "I have been working with an H124 for 15 years. It's probably the best machine for collecting, either grass or leaves." Sports Department of the city of Reims


Ride-on mowers

Ride-on mowers

First professional ride-on mower with direct central rear ejection and high-lift emptying, the Hydro 124 has demonstrated not just its peerless performance, but also its exceptional comfort and safety ever since its launch.


Available in four wheel drive versions.


Approval for road use.

Due to the inventory, no spare parts will be dispatched from 29/07/2024 to 12/08/2024 inclusive.

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Unparalleled efficiency

Unparalleled efficiency

First ride-on mower that combines direct central rear ejection, integrated collection and high-lift emptying, the Etesia Hydro 124 offers efficiency that has never been seen in its class, with a theoretical mowing capacity of 19,840 m²/h.

Better mowing
Equipped with two counter-rotating 65 cm blades that are mounted at right-angles, the Hydro 124 ensures 1.24 m of perfect mowing thanks to its powerful inhalation raising the grass before cutting. 16 km/h working speed.

Cutting heights
The Hydro 124 has an electrical system for adjusting the cutting height from 44 to 140 mm, with an adjustable mechanical low stop.

Cutting deck with rear ejection

Cutting deck with rear ejection and 2 counter-rotating blades = excellent mowing and collection even in long and wet grass.

Grass box filled to capacity every time: 600 L / 100 kg.

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100 % emptying
The hatch presses the grass in the central enclosure into the box. Opening the box clears out all the collected grass.
Ground-level or high-lift emptying
Hydraulic lifting of the box and emptying managed from the operator’s seat: 0 to 1.80 m.

Compact and versatile
With efficiency and performance comparable to those of machines with a greater cutting width, the Hydro 124 concentrates all the qualities of a versatile machine that is at ease on all terrains within a width of 1.28 m and a length of 2.80 m.

The 4 driving wheels are giving it excellent driveability.


Premium comfort

Premium comfort

Power steering, adjustable steering console, simple and functional controls. You no longer need to put up with turbine noise all day long. Reduced maintenance, made as easy to use as possible.

Double adjustment of steering console
In order to find the working position that suits you best, the steering console offers the facility to adjust both height (70 mm) and angle (18°).

Comfortable seat
H124D mowers have adjustable suspension seats with armrests, front/back adjustment and an adjustable backrest recline angle.

Power steering
Hydro 124 ride-on mowers have power steering to facilitate manoeuvring on the spot and U turns, making driving very precise and reducing the effort required from the user.

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Retractable cutting deck casing

In order to allow easy access to the cutting system, the casing can be retracted from both sides without any tool.


Rugged, reliable and efficient With a design that has demonstrated its benefits, a reputed diesel engine and highly efficient hydraulic systems, the Etesia Hydro 124 is a particularly rugged, reliable and efficient machine.

Frame Engine Cutting deck TransmissionLong life


The frame of the Hydro 124 is made up of two mechanically welded tubular subassemblies that are bolted to each other.


The Hydro 124 has a recently designed engine, the Lombardini FOCS 1003 diesel three cylinder model with indirect injection and air cooling, and a 17 kW rating.

Cutting deck

Using the most modern materials and processing techniques, the cutting deck of the Hydro 124 exploits the opposing twin-volute design for very effective rear ejection. What is more, it has different systems for protecting the cutting components from impacts.


Transmission between the blades is via two angle transmissions and elastic coupling.

Starting up and stopping of blades
The blades are started up and stopped by an electromagnetic clutch with a brake.

Long life

The choice of hydraulics to replace mechanical systems gives the user a guarantee that systems of the Hydro 124 will enjoy a long life and offer greater reliability. Two blades and a belt are the only moving parts in the machine.

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ConnectorsAdvance transmissionPower steering Power connector


The connectors, bundle and printed circuit board of the Hydro 124 are protected and sealed from water and dust, to keep the electrical connections reliable.

Advance transmission

Closed circuit with no loss of power:

  • hydraulic motors in the wheels,
  • advance transmission pump with booster pump,
  • transmission pump flanged directly to the diesel engine with no linking belt

Power steering

The steering of the Hydro 124 is powered by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic box lifting and emptying

The hydraulic lifting system is designed based on the parallelogram principle and allows emptying on the ground level or up to 1.80 m.

Power connector

A power connector located at the front of the Hydro 124 makes it possible to connect accessories or equipment such as a compressor, a wire cutter, a lamp or an Etesia filtration unit.


Accessories to stay ahead.

Accessories to stay ahead.
A wide range of accessories for green spaces, road maintenance and snow clearance can change the ride-on Hydro 124 into a versatile and multipurpose piece of equipment that can be used in all weather, on any terrain, throughout the year. Approved for road use.

Double hydraulic power take off
With a double hydraulic power take off on the front as standard, for driving and positioning accessories.
Three-point lift
The front has a three-point support interface for hydraulically lifting an accessory or equipment.

Mulch with your Hydro 124
With the optional MCM144 mulching deck, your mower can be changed into a formidable mulcher with 144 cm cutting. Decks can be changed in less than 30 min.

Biocut 144

The MCM144 cutting deck as three BIOcut® cutting units positioned in an arc configuration. Bell profile of the casing and
associated special mulching blade. The assembly is in

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Front scarifier

Scarify and remove moss in a single pass with the double-unit front scarifier. 1.25 m working width. Adjustable working depth. The two units can be lifted (transport position) and retracted (lateral obstacles). Quick tool-free assembly.


The deflector, which can be mounted without tools to replace the grass box, makes it possible to mow long grass even in the most difficult conditions.


Autumn accessory for windrowing leaves to make them easier to collect. All the starting up and steering controls are located on the dashboard. The nozzle can turn over 360° and is very well insulated, making the blower particularly silent.


Mechanical spreader to fertilise your lawn or for winter gritting tasks. Towing bar also available as an option.



100 litre tank. Two distribution systems are possible:

- line spraying for weed killer or liquid fertiliser (2 m wide)

- hose (5 m length) with flat adjustable spray for application on shrubs, hedges and trees


Etesia développe une large gamme d’accessoires pour Hydro 124 DN

Spare parts

Etesia dispose de certaines pièces détachés pour Hydro 124 DN


Road homologation kit available.

Theoretical output (m²/h)19840 m²/h
Number of blades2
Cutting width (cm)124 cm
Mowing deckOpposed double volutes. Foldaway outside parts
Mount typesuspended cutting deck
Rotation directionopposed
Blade protectionby cutting screw
Type of blade clutchElectromagnetic
Cutting heightfrom 44 to 140 mm
Emptying systems
Grassbox capacity (L)600 L
Grassbox emptyingOn the ground or up to 1,80m
Grassbox structuretubular structure - anti-UV handled web
Measurement and weight
Weight860 Kg
Height204 cm
Width128 cm
Lenght280 cm
Number of cylinders3
Cylinder capacity1028 cm³
Nominal engine power23 HP - 17 kW
Maximum engine power25 HP - 18 kW
Fuel tank capacity (L)19 L
Oil tank capacity (L)2 L
Turn-on12 V – 30 A with regulator
Starter12 V electronic starter
Engine typeLombardini 1003 FOCS
Wheel transmission
Transmission typeHydraulic
Forward speed (km/h)16 km/h
Backward speed (km/h)14 km/h
Oil33 L
Number of driving wheels2
Turning radius1
Vertical drop30 %
Power take-offYes
Acoustic pressure90 dB(A)
ChassisMecanice-welded tubular
PneumaticFront: 16x6.50 - 8 Back : 23x10.5 - 12
BrakingHydraulic brake
Forward transmission2 driving wheels with differential lock
Road homologationAvailable