User's speech: "Manoeuvrability of the Hydro 80 is fantastic. The fact that they can fit through gates whilst cutting and collecting even in the wet is by far its best feature." Craig Stokton Managing Director Sherrat Landscapes

Ride-on mowers

Ride-on mowers

The Hydro 80 from Etesia can adapt to the conditions of the terrain, which makes it particularly versatile. Add to that its extreme compactness, flexibility of use, reinforced hydrostatic transmission and the power of its two-cylinder 16 HP Kawasaki engine, and you get a tool offering an outstanding  efficiency, which can advantageously replace three walk-behind mowers.

The e-connect version turns the Hydro 80 ride-on mower into a high tech machine: the first mower with network connectivity!

Winner of the SALTEX Innovation Award 2017


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Total efficiency

Smart mower

How it works

The new Hydro 80 is equipped with an RFID Badge, this allows communication between human and  Machine (Human Machine Interface). This is achieved by using an Application installed on your mobile device thus allowing you to access the relevant technical information for a specific machine.


Where applicable an operator can login to the software using their Facebook or Twitter account for convenience, however for situations where this is not practical operators can create an independent password.

Recognition and display of machines and their information in the vicinity on the application via Bluetooth®: model, serial number, machine photograph etc.

Mowing and collecting
The Hydro 80's lifts and blows the clippings directly into the rear collector, without clogging, even under hard conditions

Mower deck
On uneven ground, anti-scalp rollers keep the blades out of trouble. It has an 80 cm cutting width with an electromagnetic clutch and blade brake as an integral part of the system.

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Efficient and go-anywhere
Compact design, measuring 1.98 m x 0.82 m wide, Hydro 80 is easily transported in a truck or trailer. It can pass through most gateways and its tight turning circle makes it ideal for small or awkward areas. It mows close to walls and fences and is highly manoeuvrable.

Efficient and go-anywhere

It goes anywhere, with its large-sized front wheels, the Hydro 80 easily overcomes all obstacles such as pavement kerbs


In a class of its own. Comfortable and ergonomic.

New dashboard

New LCD Screen with membrane typing.

Integrated RFID antenna.

Real time follow-up of the information of the machine and its maintenance.

No starting key

An ignition key replaced by an RFID badge, allowing to manage users' profiles (Right of use on one or several appointed machine(s)) and offering an antitheft function

Through step design makes getting on an off the Hydro 80 easy. The out-front driving position ensures excellent all-round visibility.

Smooth operation

The built-in shock absorber system and hydrostatic transmission give a smooth ride over a wide range of mowing speeds.


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Fingertip control

With its high-backed suspension seat; smooth steering and wheel with guiding knob; ergonomic design plus easy-to-reach controls, driving is easy.


Cutting height adjustment and emptying the grass collector are carried out from the driving seat. The steering console is fitted with a timer and rev counter.


Built for long-life. Solid and reliable.

Cut it all systemFrame SteeringBlade clutchKawasaki engine

Cut it all system

Economy and protection of the battery during a prolonged stop of the machine.
Contribute to the protection and to the life cycle of the battery.
Allows to disconnect the battery of the machine.




The specially coated 60 mm tubular chassis is designed for strength and long-life.


Reinforced steering integrated into the new front axe, plus large sized front wheels ensure smooth manoeuvrability.

Blade clutch

Direct belt transmission. The electromagnetic blade clutch is controlled by self adjustable belt with constant tension.

Kawasaki engine

New Kawasaki 16 HP engine. A reserve of power and flexibility.


Increased versatility


Meticolous mulching with the mulching kit

Mowing tall grass

Removable grassbox for direct back ejection of the tall grass. Side ejection with deflector-swather for very tall grass.

Remove snow

Snow shovel and optional available synthetic chains. To clear the snow  from your paths and pavements.


Specially adapted to your Bahia, will allow you to restore of the air in your lawn by freeing it from mosses which suppress it. With this accessory you will contribute to your even more beautiful lawn. (Require a support adapter).

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Mechanical spreader to put some fertilizer on your lawn or salt / sand during winter.

Tow bar as option.

Drive your Bahia with a Joystick becomes possible!

To spend a whole day on the Hydro 80 SLT Joyride becomes a child's play thanks to its ergonomically optimized commands and its comfortable relaying bends .This machine can be used as well by a person with reduced mobility as by an experimented professional. Find more informations here

Tielbürger launches, in partnership with Etesia, his with rhe Hydro 80 adaptable sweeper. From the driver's seat, manage the brush simply towards the left, towards the right or in the center. Push the brush upward to stop it. Thanks to the necessary  support for the use of the sweeper, you can also equip your Hydro 80 with the Tielbürger snow shovel. 

For any order, thank you for sending it to Tielbürger Sales Office 

Tow bar

The tow-bar, which amounts in next to no time, allows you to tow up to 500 kg or to fix a spreader for your wintry maintenance works.


Technic Caracteristics
EngineKawasaki FS481H
Power16 HP - 11,7 kW
Cutting width (cm)80 cm
Cutting heigth 44 to 102 mm
SpeedForward 0 to 9 km/h / Backward 0 to 8 km/h
Mowing deckSteel
Grassbox capacity (L)240 Liters