Combining the comfort of the Hydro 80 with the power of the SKD mower, the MKHPF is the ideal crossover for tall, greasy grass.

Ride-on mowers HYDRO 80 MKHPF

Ride-on mowers HYDRO 80 MKHPF

The new MKHPF ride-on mower combines the working comfort of a Hydro 80 with the mowing power of the ATTILA SKD.
The MKHPF can mow in any weather. An ideal model for users with high mowing demands. 5 cutting heights from 50 to 92 mm for perfect mowing on high and wet grass.


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Compact, flexible and efficient, the MKHPF is suitable for mowing any terrain.

Differential lock
Maintain control on slopes, even if a drive wheel loses traction.

85 cm cutting deck
The wider cutting deck than the Hydro 80 allows maximum space to be used, resulting in a higher output.

Optimum speed 
Ideal for large terrains, the MKHPF can go up to 9km/h forward and 8km/h reverse.

Kawasaki engine
The Kawasaki engine provides the power to mow the densest grass.


Very short turning radius
The short turning radius provides ideal manoeuvrability and allows perfect turning around trees or other obstacles.

Accessible controls
You can engage the handbrake and adjust the cutting height without having to bend down, thanks to the easy-to-reach levers.

Hydrostatic transmission
The transmission guarantees smooth progress and increases user comfort


Robust chassisTool-free engine accessmastershock mowingdeck

Robust chassis

The chassis of the MKHPF has already proven itself in the Hydro 80 models. The bumper has been reinforced and adapted for mowing so that the MKHPF can pass through even the tallest grass.

Tool-free engine access

Maintenance is easy: you have quick access to the internal parts. This makes it much easier to maintain the machine, which increases its longevity.

mastershock mowingdeck

The mastershock deck is lightweight and corrosion resistant. It is easier to clean because grass does not stick to it.

It is impact resistant and durable.

Steel reinforcements on both sides allow for a side opening for easy cleaning of the interior of the housing and for sharpening the blades.


Cutting height adjustment
The 5 cutting heights from 50 to 92 mm allow mowing in all conditions (high grass, wet grass...)

Small size
Its small size (1.73 x 0.9 m) allows it to pass through narrow alleys or heavily wooded plots.

Numerous accessories
The MKHPF offers the possibility to add many accessories. You can spread, scarify and clear snow with your mower.


Number of blades1 blade with swing tip ends
Theoritical output10 000 m²/day (2.7 acres)
Cutting width85 cm (33,5 inches)
Cutting heightCentralized adjustment 6 positions: from 50 to 92 mm (1,9 in to 3.6 in)
Mowing deckInjected in Mastershock
MotortypeKawasaki FS541V 4 Strokes
Nominal engine power9,4 kW at 3.000 min-1
Cylinder capacity603 cm³
Number of cylinder2
Fuel tank capacity12 L
Acoustic pressure86 dB(A)
Dimension and weight
Weight220 kg (485 lb)
Lenght173 cm (68,11 in)
Width90 cm (35,43 in)
Height 122 cm (48 in)
Wheel transmission
Transmission typeHydrostatic with differential lock
Forward speed9 km/h (5.59 mph)
Backward speed8 km/h (4.97 mph)