Snow plough - ref.MV80N3

Snow clearance

Attention : need interface ML80 for Hydro 80 or ML85 for Bahia and Attila SKD

Due to the inventory, no spare parts will be dispatched from 29/07/2024 to 12/08/2024 inclusive.

Thank you for your understanding.

Check the compatibility with your machine :

List of compatible machine models
Donky Battery Operated carrierElectric range
Bahia VTE
Attila SKD
Bahia 2 MBHE
Bahia 2 MHHE 2
Bahia 2 MKHE 3
Bahia M2E
Bahia MKM
Hydro 80 MKHP3
List of older compatible machine models
Attila SKF - old
Attila SKM - old
Bahia - old
Hydro 80-2 - old
Hydro 80 - old