20 March 2020

User portrait: Jean-Marie Meder and his Hydro 80

"You have a maneuverability that no other machine has to this day."

The user

Jean-Marie Meder lives in Wintershouse in Alsace. He retired in 2010. Before, he was a sales manager in a multinational company selling bricks and tiles.

He got to hear of Etesia through a professional gardener. Having seen how his worked, he was so inspired by the way it cut that he knew  "this is the machine for me".


Wishing to have more information about the product and the company, he went on the Internet to search more details.

But whilst searching the internet he found there was an upcoming factory visit open to the public in Wissembourg at Etesia. "I went there and that's where I saw how this machine was made. I was almost stunned to see that a machine like that could be made. And that's when I decided to buy an Etesia." he sums up.

The advantages of his Hydro 80

"Mowing and collecting, mulching, and side ejecting."

Jean-Marie Meder says that his Hydro 80 ride-on vehicle is very maneuverable and equipped with a powerful engine, and "that's what I need here because I have 27 acres of land with a slope of up to 10%."

According to him, this work is not feasible with any other machine.


In addition to his Hydro 80, Mr. Meder owns a trailer that has a towing bar that can be adjusted in length. He uses it with his Hydro 80 for transporting plants when cutting flowers or hedges.

"You have a maneuverability that you don't have on any other machine today."

Jean-Marie Meder chose a Hydro 80 because of the following advantages: "The cutting system is 80 cm wide and there is a direct injection into the 240-liter grass box. Emptying the grass is easy, just lift the handle. An audible signal indicates when the box is full."

Maintenance, an essential point

"The last important feature of my Hydro 80 is the easy access to all the mechanical parts.

You don't have to be a mechanical genius to do the basic operations - every two years I take it to an Etesia specialist to check that everything is working properly. And I usually do it during the winter so that it is ready for spring." concludes Jean-Marie Meder. Indeed, regular maintenance of your machine allows you to keep it running safely.