Local authorities

A study carried out in 2009 near 300 persons in charge of the Green areas (*)  of communes of more than 5.000 inhabitants reveals three basic tendencies :

  • The development of the Management Differentials in maintenance from the green areas.
  • The generalization of the use of ride-on mowers with the detriment of self propelled mowers.
  • The sustainable development and the protection of environment become priority.

Differentiated Management

Differentiated management makes it possible to deal with increase in surfaces of green area to be maintained in a context limitation the means. 57 % of the communities practise the management differentiated with 3 levels (extensive surface, intermediate equipotential surface, surface high level maintenance) 63% of the communes will develop extensive maintenance of surface. Moreover, 62% of the communes buy or will buy rather general-purpose mowers able to carry out all the types of cut.

The versatility is in the middle of the concerns of ETESIA which proposes a broad range of ride-on mowers making it possible to answer all the requirements of differentiated management.


Let us take the Hydro 124DX, diesel engine, 124 cm cutting width, 4 driving wheels. Of course, it mows and fortunately. But it does not only make that, it mows and collects above all high and wet grass and also bleaches on grass situtant itself strong inclined everything including tall and wet grass.


Many accessories adapted to differentiated management are also available: scarifier (allowing to scarify and collect in only one passage), blower (for leaves), casing mulching, spreader, pulverizer and deflector for high grass mowing. And other accessories allow him to be operational all year (sweeping, cabin, snow plough).

A more important use of the ride-on mowers

The communes have on average a ride-on mower for 8 ha of grass to mow, that is to say 3,5 ride-on mowers by commune. The use of the self-propelled mowers will decrease : 68% of the persons in charge wish to reduce surfaces of grass difficult of access to the ride-on mowers. Compactness, the handiness, the comfort of work and the noise level become the first selection criteria of a ride-on.

Beyond their performances of mowing and their robustness, the ride-on mowers of ETESIA are famous for their compactness, handiness, comfort and low noise pollution. 

Without any overhang, they can be steered with fingertip control, and their compact size means they are at home on all surfaces. Moreover, its noise level exceptionally low of 100 dB (3 times less than the machines of more than 1,20 m - 105Db, European standard) will enable you to treat in all peace the most sensitive building sites (hospital, old people's home, residential districts). 

Most compact mower of the family ETESIA, is the Hydro 80 (198 cm x 82,5 cm) which by its handiness (tight turning radius) and its output (7 000 m²/h) replaces 3 walk behind mowers advantageouslyIt exists today in version LPG (almost tripled autonomy and reduction of 25% of the polluting emissions) . 


The respect of environnement

The study also states that 91% of the communes are concerned with integration of sustainable development in their policy : biodiversity, protection of water, reduction of noise pollutions, lower CO2 emissions,… 35% of the persons in charge judge that the clean engine emitting least possible of CO2 is an important criterion; 50% give a note higher than 6 out of 7 than consumption while carburizing.


The protection of environment and more generally sustainable development is for a long time in the middle of our reflexions, quite before it become subjects with the mode. Thus ETESIA developed a philosophy house :  Bioconcept. This one express by the taking into account of the protection of environment in all the sectors of the company and in all the stages of the life cycle of the material. ETESIA Bio Concept  gathers also various projects of new clean motorizations. It his within this framework that in less than 2 years ETESAI launched 3 exclusivenesses : the first ride-on mower in the world 100% HVP (Pure Plant oil), the first ride-on mower in Europe functioning with the LPG (the Hydro 80 Gas : almost tripled and reduction of 25% of the polluting emissions) and the first 100% electric ride-on mower in the world (prototype).


To summarize, Bioconcept is economy and ecology finally reconciled.

(*) Study carried out by the Agrinova, available at ETESIA on request